Road to ruin

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I write in response to your report on a preferred bidder being chosen for the Aberdeen bypass (11 June).

It seems that car use is more important than preserving the countryside. It is not good or healthy for people to live in a concrete jungle, which Aberdeen is increasingly becoming. We should have a moral obligation to save as much of greenfield, natural and wild, and countryside areas for future generations.

The only wildlife that some people (especially children) ever see with their own eyes are seagulls. Forty years ago, before Aberdeen doubled in size because of the oil and gas industry, Aberdonians would have been much more likely to come across wildlife.

And as Aberdeen is known for having half of its population from outwith the area, I do seriously wonder if the Aberdeen Western Peripheral Route and all the house building will be needed when the oil and gas industry completely disappears in 40 years’ time.

Sean Ashley

Garden Road