Road danger

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It was interesting to read the article (18 April) about the speed of motorcyclists and the increasing number of accidents, particularly at this time of year.

The article made no mention at all of the threat to other road users from bikers on country roads.

I was cycling with friends
recently in the Borders, which seems to be a popular place for bikers to test their skills.

A lot of the roads down there have warnings for other road users to beware of motorcyclists.

Our experience over a weekend in spring last year as
cyclists was that large numbers of
bikers, riding together, “take over” some of the roads, and their speed, particularly on
corners, was pretty disconcerting and frightening.

We even experienced an
accident which had occurred only minutes before we arrived at one bend on a country road. As the group’s mobiles had no reception at this place, we
pedalled on to the next farm along the road to call an ambulance.

The accident victim did not look very well at all.

We three cyclists were probably only two minutes away from being on the same corner.

Isn’t it about time that this kind of “riding” on our beautiful rural roads was clamped down on in some way, as a lot of our roads seem to be turning into unofficial motorbike race tracks?

Alan Kay

Blackford Avenue