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I refer to the report, “Director allowed to drive with 16 points on licence” (5 March) which 
stated that a company director who admitted speeding at
73mph in a vehicle restricted to 60mph – and who, with the imposition of a four-point penalty on his driver’s licence, has now amassed a total of 16 penalty points – was allowed by a Justice of the Peace at Perth to avoid a driving ban by pleading that if banned he would be forced to remove his daughter from her private school.

Well, boohoo!

Perhaps he should have considered the consequences of his actions before he committed the offence which he admitted in court.

It would appear that the Justice of the Peace who allowed him to avoid a ban needs to ask him or herself if they are a fit and proper person to hold that particular office.

Remember the old saying – if you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime.

R M Leitch


East Kilbride