Religious lesson

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DOUG Clark’s assertion that Christianity kept education and free speech from humankind for “thousands of years” is false ­(Letters, 8 June).

Debate was an essential requirement for the teaching of philosophy, theology, and science at the many schools and universities the Catholic Church founded during the “Dark Ages”. 

Indeed, the Catholic Church continues to provide highly respected primary, secondary, and higher education services around the world.

As for freedom of speech, St Paul’s discourse at the Areopagus (Acts 17:16-34) provides a model for the Church in its engagement with other philosophies, religions, and cultures. Is the Church to blame for the regimes in North Korea, Syria, Eritrea, Cuba, and Uzbekistan that currently top the ten most-censored ­countries list?

It would appear Mr Clark will need to find a reason other than access to education and free speech for the decline in Church attendance. I would suggest ­apathy.

Ian Maxfield

Lodge Park

Biggar, South Lanarkshire