Refugee numbers

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It’s easy for people like Carolyn Taylor (Letters, 2 September) to condemn those of us who see the folly of allowing more immigrants without considering the implications of such action. She clearly is not thinking with her head but with her heart.

How many millions would she allow in, or is it simply open doors for all?

She applauds the German regime for its stance to accept 800,000 who, once naturalised as EU citizens, may well decide to come to the UK and no-one can stop them all ending up in Dundee if they want to.

How would she feel then, I wonder?

There are millions of people all over the world in need of help but allowing them all into the orchard is not the answer.

This country already gives millions of pounds in aid to Syria and others; we can’t be responsible for everyone’s plight.

Net immigration to the UK last year was 323,000 and before that, since 2002, there’s been an average of around 225,000 each year. That’s more than 3 million extra people living here.

Refugee status is clearly being abused; most are choosing the country in which to make that claim, not Italy, not Greece, not Hungary.

Why not? If they are truly frightened for their lives they’d grab the first lifebelt in sight, would they not?

It seems to me that many of those fleeing Syria are young people. If Britain was being invaded would you not want to stay and fight for your country? Or is that just an old-fashioned patriotic attitude.

I know it’s complicated but we must remember how human instincts play.

When considering my position I first make sure my family is OK, then my friends, then my country so I consider the worst case scenario and if any of these are threatened then I let caution be my watchword.

Stan Hogarth

Palmerston Place