Refreshing Corbyn

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Thanks to Jeremy Corbyn, not just a breath of fresh air but a whirlwind of fresh air has hit the British political scene.

Here is a politician who spells out clearly the policies he will pursue to improve the lives of the people in this country.

After years of empty words and negative progress from the Conservatives and New Labour, it has become impossible to distinguish one from the other; Jeremy offers clear and precise information. This is a fact which cannot be contradicted, whether we like him or not.

Jeremy is challenging the role of the free market economy and its detrimental effect on this and other countries.

Our world is not run by politicians: it is run by money, and the millionaires, billionaires, and trillionaires who control that money. The free market economy creates an obscene distribution of wealth between rich and poor. There is clearly need for reform.

Jeremy Corbyn has opened up the political debate and hopefully by this action many more people become politically conscious and join in helping to improve their lives and the lives of others in our country.

I wish Jeremy every success in his endeavours.

Bill Prentice

Pendreich Grove