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The entity for which I voted four decades ago was a “common market” but instead it became an unstable, currency-­driven United States of Europe.

Far from promoting free trade it promotes protectionism, especially in agriculture while tying up other fields, such as finance, in red tape.

As a Franco-Scot married to an Anglo-Swede, I have few hang-ups about “Continentals”, but I am uneasy about a giant organisation of pen-pushers running opaque, dodgy accounts.

And though free movement within Europe is incontestable, the labour market was to serve workers on the move and never intended to open up a country’s benefits system to abuse.

I believe we should remain within the EU but I do agree with the sceptics that the rights of nation states to order their own societies as their electorates wish must be paramount.

Dr John Cameron

Howard Place

St Andrews

Greece’s gamble to delay loan repayments to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has caused panic in the European Union.

There is now a real risk that failure to pay £1.1 billion on 30 June will see Greece forced to leave the eurozone and stop using the euro. Leaving the unaccountable, corrupt, spendthrift EU dominated by Germany seems a good deal.

Dan Arnott

St Brycedale Court