Referendum polls should highlight regional differences

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THE independence polls published in Scotland on Sunday each month are helpfully broken down into various demographic categories. The breakdown which never appears, and which as far as I know hasn’t been published anywhere, is by region. Given that the country seems to be split more or less 50/50 on independence, and that feeling is running high to say the least, a geographical breakdown might be instructive.

An inconvenient truth about the present situation is that unless something miraculous happens over the next few months a Yes vote would deliver an independent Scotland which approximately 49 per cent of the population do not want, ie. the country would be about as divided as it is possible to be.

Looking around the world small countries with deep cultural divides tend not to thrive – in fact you would have to say quite the opposite.

A poll broken down by region might reveal a geographical situation which would suggest that some form of partition may provide the most democratic and representative solution. This could conceivably deliver a smaller independent Scotland with a higher proportion of Yes voters, more culturally unified and therefore more likely to be successful.

This may sound like a joke but unless the figures are available how do we know how much of a joke it is?

Douglas Gibb, East Lothian