Redefining the UK

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So what is the consequence of the Scottish referendum?

The protagonists of Scottish independence can no longer claim the 1707 Union was the 
decision of a parcel of rogues. The referendum revealed that more than two million people in Scotland were in favour of it.

But the result has raised other expectations, not only in Scotland but also throughout the UK. The Union is in the process of being re-defined. A number of starting positions have been stated – “More powers for Scotland”, “English votes for English laws” and so on.

The Westminster parties and their leaders throughout the UK would be best advised to think about the end point rather than the starting points.

It is simply this: whatever constitutional model is settled upon, it must allow for a stable UK government to be led by an MP elected from anywhere within the United Kingdom.

If it doesn’t, then the No vote in the Scottish Referendum will have been pointless.

(Prof) Paul W JowitT

Belford Mews