Rally for cycle law

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New figures from Transport Scotland highlight the dire situation faced by cyclists on 
Scotland’s roads (your report, 24 October). As road casualties fall across the country, we must now ask ourselves why cyclists and other vulnerable road users such as pedestrians are not enjoying similar improvements in safety and what can be done about it.

Next Tuesday, 29 October, MSPs will have a chance to do just this as they hold a debate on Cycle Law Scotland’s proposals for stricter liability. Under stricter liability, a motorist involved in a road traffic collision with a cyclist or pedestrian would be presumed liable in a civil law claim against them for damages.

If the injured party is under 14, over-70 or disabled, then the driver or cyclist would be deemed liable with an opportunity open to them to establish part fault.

The same would apply in cases where cyclists collide with pedestrians, thereby working to give vulnerable road users the protection they so desperately need but currently lack.

Most countries in Europe operate stricter liability regimes and, when included as part of a package of measures, have been shown to dramatically improve cyclist safety.

What is clear is that the Scottish Government needs to take urgent action to better protect vulnerable road users before we can fix the tragic situation on our roads.

Brenda Mitchell

Cycle Law Scotland