Qatar questions

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THE most amazing fact surrounding the Fifa exposé is that no-one seems too surprised. Everyone connected with football seems to have suspected something fishy was going on, and even those on the periphery knew the award of the World Cup to Qatar was ­questionable.

Qatar has only one town, Doha, and a couple of football stadiums the size of Firhill and is surrounded by desert. In summer, the 50 degree heat fires up the rock hard ground so much it’s like living in a pizza oven. In the winter, you can’t see for dust storms.

Unless you have a job in Doha there is nothing to visit and even less to do except wander through its air conditioned shopping malls, but even that’s out for any fans who go there. Single men are not allowed in the malls in case they ogle the women.

It’s a measure of the arrogance of Sepp Blatter and Co to think the choice of Qatar for the World Cup would not be questioned. Despite the arrests of half his executive committee, he still thinks he is fireproof but he has not reckoned with the FBI and the US tax authorities. They are not going to let Fifa off the hook.

Don Campbell-Thomson

Albert Road, Clydebank

West Dunbartonshire