Protect the Union

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Today we are voting to decide the future of the United Kingdom; and this is an election whose impact will last far longer than five years.

Whatever their side aims may be, I have no doubt that the SNP will travel to Westminster with the full intent of facilitating the break-up of the UK as rapidly at possible.

If Scotland sends many SNP MPs then we will travel down the road to a second referendum. If we send many pro-Union MPs then we strengthen and consolidate our position within the UK.

With a voting system such as first-past-the post it is essential to cast your vote to best represent your priorities.

That is why tactical voting, though undesirable, is crucial in order to show that above all party differences, our preference is for the continued solidarity of the Union.

We must send a message that the SNP is not Scotland, that we will not stand for their divisive nationalism, and that above all we wish for a truly United Kingdom.

Being 16, I do not have a vote in this general election, but I urge everyone who believes in the success of the UK to cast theirs carefully.

Jamie Clarkson

Granby Road