Privatisation’s ills

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Irvine Inglis (Letters, 30 March) condemns the the “huge trail of disaster” caused by nationalisation, but omits to mention that most of the weaknesses of the 
nationalised industries were inherited from their chaotic 
predecessors and the rest were created by the hostility of Whitehall and certain pressure groups to the whole concept of nationalisation.

If Mr Inglis organised a party to celebrate privatisation, I would be surprised if it was attended by many customers of Thames Water, British Telecom or ScotRail, while the many people struggling to pay the outrageous charges of the private electricity and gas suppliers would probably create a public outcry, especially knowing that some of their money is being diverted to support the private wind-turbine industry. Mr Inglis might well approve of the present rapid dismantling of the National Health Service because it will soon be totally privatised and he will really have something to celebrate. Perhaps he will be less enthusiastic if he ever becomes ill.

Dr PM Dryburgh

Newbattle Terrace