Prestwick needs entrepreneurs

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THE Scottish government is purchasing Prestwick Airport, because the current owner has had it up for sale for a year, it is losing £2 million a year and, because they aren’t carrying out routine maintenance, it is going downhill.

Normally I am in favour of letting the market work and having it close if that is what it says. After all, Glasgow already has an airport. In practice, there is good evidence that government investment in transport infrastructure is the best, perhaps the only, place where government investment in tangibles benefits society.

On balance, taking it over is probably worthwhile. How­ever, I don’t think Nicola Sturgeon or the SNP are the sort of innovative entrepreneurial types likely to turn it round. So they should be willing to auction it off as quickly as possible to anybody willing to undertake to invest in it. That will lose the government money but less than they would by keeping funding it over the long term and is much more likely to turn it into a success.

Neil Craig, Glasgow