PR is way forward

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Martin D Stern (Letters, 5 March) is wrong to say real proportional representation would result in numerous single-issue parties gaining seats with undesirable consequences for forming a government.

Since 1921 the parliament in Malta has been elected by the single transferrable vote system of proportional representation (STV-PR), with five-member constituencies since 1966.

With STV-PR the diversity of representation is decided by the voters.

It is a delusion to think that adding “none of the above” to the ballot paper would solve any problems. If you don’t think any of the candidates could represent you adequately, stand yourself.

If you don’t want to do that, find someone who is prepared to stand and would adequately represent your views, and then campaign for their election.

We claim ours is a “representative democracy”. The first requirement, therefore, is that parliament should be properly representative of those who voted. That is why the UK voting system should be changed.

James Gilmour

East Parkside