Powerful elites

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Seemingly David Fiddimore is upset by an instance of how “elites” function in our “mass 
society” (Letters, 5 March).

Surely this form of social 
organisation has been common since time immemorial and nothing changes.

Hasn’t there always been a governing elite and the rest, the mass that are the governed?

What makes up a power elite in our society is composed of other kinds of elites.

There are political, financial, industrial and commercial elites as well as academic, cultural and sporting elites.

The incident described is but a glimpse behind the curtain which masks the world of elites.

Having a power elite is compatible with democracy as every few years we get to vote.

There is, as it were, a circulation of elites, and individuals can move in and out.

Elites in politics, finance, industry etc collectively form the establishment but all share a common interest.

What has been suggested is that they are held together by their desire for personal enrichment.

Arguably, because of the power elite there is little or no chance of local democracy transforming the way our society works.

Ellis Thorpe

Old Chapel Walk