Power at stake

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I AGREE with Dr Cartwright (Letters, 14 May). Scotland is far too open to the undue influence of elite and close-knit groups.

I am uneasy, for instance, about the influence of our leading journalists about whose agendas and relationships with power we know nothing. Perhaps a register of their interests would be worthy of consideration?

One thing for which I will give credit to the separatists is the debate which they have opened up which I suspect, and indeed hope, is getting out of their control by going a way beyond the issue of a transfer of power from one group of politicians located in London to another in Edinburgh and, of course, to their associated elites. 

Look for instance at the centralising and often authoritarian tendencies of the SNP government.

We must recognise it is not in the nature of the powerful to give up control but to increase it. However it is in the hands of the people to force them to do so. In this context the outcome of the referendum is irrelevant and might even be considered something of a diversion. 

John Milne

Ardgowan Drive 

Uddingston, Lanarkshire