Pork safety

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I’m writing in response to the article, “Retailers accused of 
selling illegally produced pig meat” (24 January).

At Sainsbury’s we can proudly say that none of the own-brand pork comes from pigs reared using sow stalls and we have been working closely with our farmers and processors, years ahead of the change in the EU regulations introduced earlier this year.

As our customers would expect, we take animal welfare very seriously and continue to lead as number one retailer of RSPCA Freedom Foods, ranging from pork and chicken to veal and salmon.

In September 2012 we 
extended our Scottish pork range to offer 100 per cent Scottish pork across the By Sainsbury’s and Basics range and through our ten dedicated 
development groups we can work directly with our farmers to share best practise and respond to industry changes quickly.

Judith Batchelar

Sainsbury’s Brand