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I was quite amused to read that Nicola Sturgeon, on setting out her vision for Scottish independence, was expected to state that “we are already governing in a manner which is light years from the UK” (your report, 3 

Presumably that accounts for the Scottish economy performing as badly as Spain, with growth anticipated to lag behind the rest of the UK; NHS waiting times being fiddled; and, as a lost generation of youngsters are enable to find jobs, college funding being cut. Hardly a ringing endorsement of the Scottish Government’s economic, health and education policies.

Bob MacDougall



Does your front page headline, “Scotland as bad as Spain on economy”, not raise doubt on the editorial policy you’ve been pursuing to convince us we are Better Together?

Perhaps one of these days you will ask that campaign to explain how we are better together when two of the growing sectors in our society are pay-day loans and food banks.

Jim Sillars

Grange Loan


There is an increasing concern about the political stance and direction of the SNP, something that is becoming increasingly obvious as it feels more secure in its tenure.

It used to be said that members of the SNP were “Tartan Tories”, something that no longer reflects the reality of the situation. There is an old saying, “by their friends shall ye know them”, and it is very revealing to see just what “friends” the SNP has attracted.

One of note is former Scottish Socialist Party MSP Colin Fox, who sits on Yes Scotland’s steering committee along with other noted left wingers, and, of course, Tommy Sheridan, who, while thankfully currently out of the limelight, also actively promotes independence. One might reasonably ask what they hope to get out of the deal. Given the hard left background of Alex Salmond, Roseanna Cunningham and Kenny MacAskill, the answer is not hard to find. They are all former members of the 79 Group faction and were ejected from the SNP because of their desire to turn Scotland into a socialist republic: good friends indeed.

The voting public needs to be kept aware of this.

Brian Allan

Keith Street