Poor behaviour

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I have sometimes been open-mouthed in admiration with the way our left-wing friends in the SNP have outflanked my own Labour Party with socially inclusive policies that supported the working person and the poor.

Conversely, I have sometimes been horrified by the attention-seeking behaviour of the SNP’s Westminster MPs.

I was encouraged by our First Minister’s declaration that she was sending her new Praetorian Guard south “to shake up the Westminster Parliament”.

And what form did this shake-up take? Angus Robertson unleashed his 50-plus MPs on an 82-year-old MP in order to –physically – push him from the seat on the Commons benches he has occupied for decades, just to grab that two feet of green leather for himself.

It is parliamentary behaviour of the worst kind.

I never thought to see myself writing this, but the sooner Alex Salmond takes over to lead the SNP in Westminster the better – he will bring some proportion at least to the difficult five years ahead for those on the Left.

Robertson must go. He must be disciplined by either the Commons or SNP and sent to the very back benches where his loathsome tactics will not be out of place.

David Fiddimore

Calton Road