Politics of fear 2

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The SNP wants full fiscal autonomy or whatever. The problem is the big bad Tories will not allow it. At Holyrood John Swinney accused the opposition of peddling the politics of fear when questioning the policy. In all of this it is us the people who will reap whatever is sown.

Can we see an account showing where the money is coming from with this new policy. This is not a problem to Mr Swinney as he assures us the falling oil revenues are not as bad as made out. We are all going to be rid of austerity … but how much are we to be taxed?

A spreadsheet with money collected and spent on services by the UK government and the same with full fiscal autonomy would be useful. And I do hope that all the checks and balances are in place just in case the Tories give Mr Swinney what he is asking for.

DM Duff

Belmont Gardens