Political doubts

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The allegations against Patrick Mercer MP and other politicians show again that some of our elected representatives would rather have their snouts in the trough than put their shoulders to the wheel to get us out of the Gordon Brown-dug economic hole that George Osborne is making bigger.

We have also learned that Gordon Brown made £1.37 million from outside earnings and we should commend him for reporting it in his parliamentary information.

However, this raises further questions. How can he represent his constituents and participate in our parliamentary democracy when the records show he is rarely in the House of Commons and it would appear from his earnings spends much of his time abroad?

He has stated that about £600,000 of the earnings are going to charity. This again is commendable, but which charities? Some charities are contentious and, in the interests of transparency, perhaps he should list those charities and the amounts given by him.

Also the rest of earnings go to fund his “office”. A sum of over £600,000 would fund a very large office staff. Perhaps again he should reveal how exactly this money is spent and what proportion is paid in the various taxes.

His position and standing is as a result of time as a publicly-funded employee of the state and he and his former colleague Tony Blair seem to be handling large amounts of revenue as a result of their time in office. Full transparency would remove any doubts.

Bruce D Skivington

Pairc a Ghliob

Strath, Gairloch, Wester Ross