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Colin Hamilton (Letters, 9 January) says he is confident that the people of Scotland will see Alex Salmond’s request for a face-to-face debate with David Cameron as a stunt.

He seems to have missed the fact that a recent poll has indicated that a significant majority of all voters and even a majority of Yes voters believe that the Prime Minister should accede to the First Minister’s request. As Mr Hamilton correctly believes in the intelligence of people of Scotland, presumably he too will be prepared to gracefully concede that the will of the majority should be accepted.

Douglas Turner

Derby Street


Let me get this straight. The leader of the UK feels he is so unrepresentative of Scots that he can’t or won’t make the case for the continuation of the UK. You couldn’t make it up. Can there be a better argument for Scottish independence?

C Hegarty

Glenorchy Road 

North Berwick