Phone charges claim is phony

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ANOTHER day and yet another blatantly untrue scare 
story from those opposing Scottish independence (News, 30 July).

According to the UK government “case for the Union”, on independence those travelling from Scotland into England and vice versa will somehow incur international roaming charges if their mobile phone is connected to a mast on the other side of the Border.

However, the European Commission is phasing out such charges for voice calls, texts and internet access. Two weeks ago commissioners voted to end the charges completely as soon as July 2014 to help create a single European telecoms market.

It is patently obvious that those opposing independence will stoop to any level to try and discredit it, and that no positive case will be made for Scotland to remain in the Union, simply scaremongering.

Under “Project Fear” it is only a matter of time before the claim is made by a UK government department that on Scottish independence pestilence and famine will sweep the land, the sun will no longer shine and we will be cast into an abyss of perpetual darkness.

Alex Orr, Edinburgh