PFI burden

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Cash fears over the NHS are alarming for us all and affect us all, as we all want the NHS to be free and available at the point of need.

We have an ageing population, and we give free prescriptions (rightly so), along with the current flu jag being rolled out across Scotland once again.

But another pressing cost to the NHS in Scotland are the £200 million-a-year PFI charges, a legacy left by Labour and the Liberal Democrats when they were in power in Scotland. They are an economic burden for our NHS.

Those in the current SNP administration at Holyrood, despite all their efforts, find their hands are tied due to the conditions of those contracts. They are currently non-negotiable. PFI contracts in Scotland amount to private consortia profiteering from our public services, and they were rightly stopped when the SNP came to power in 2007.

Catriona C Clark

Hawthorn Drive