Pensioners’ pence

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IMAGINE, if you can, the overwhelming excitement of the moment I read the letter from the Pensions Agency informing me of the new rate of old age pension as from April this year and noted at the bottom the information that, as from 27 July when I reach my 80th birthday, I shall be entitled to a weekly increase in benefits, to the princely sum of 25p a week.

Needless to say the thought of any increase is to be welcomed, but I am left with a dilemma. What shall I treat myself to with this windfall?

I did think I could save the 25p each week for a year and blow the £13 on some extravagance, but I might not live that long. I could instead buy a roll or a small banana from Lidl, but butter or jam would be beyond my means.

Meanwhile our MPs are receiving a 10 per cent increase in their salaries, about £7,000, including Chancellor George Osborne who never ceases to remind us we are all in this together in the age of ­austerity.

Jeanne CA Butler


Forres, Morayshire