Penis island

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The “Penis Island” cock-up (your report, 25 August) may raise a cheap laugh but it highlights a serious lack of priorities by the Scottish Government.

The SNP has, since 2010, spent £26 million of taxpayers’ money replacing road signs with English and Gaelic places names. Why? The fact that this signage error in Bute has gone unnoticed for a decade underscores the fact only 1.1 per cent of us speak Gaelic.

The SNP’s support of Gaelic is less to do with preserving our culture and more about relentlessly engendering an artificial sense of difference between Scotland and other parts of the UK.

As Nicola Sturgeon wastes our taxes on such projects, back in the real world serious problems persist in secondary and tertiary education, hospital A & E departments and GP surgeries, and our police service.

Each of us daily pays an increasingly high price for the SNP’s obsessive separatist

Keith Howell

West Linton