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Westminster is no longer fit for purpose. It is stuffed with career politicians who attended university to study how to enjoy lucrative future running the country.

These men and women pay only lip service to representing the voters in their constituencies and as a result a majority of the electorate have disassociated themselves from political activities.

There is a cure, which is simple, cheap and would not require major legislation. Local authorities could raise a levy on all electors, which would be used to pay their MPs’ basic salary.

If this was £5 (less than the price of a fish supper) 30,000 constituents would raise £150,000 to pay their MP.

Of course, no-one must be disenfranchised through inability to pay. A paragraph added to the application for the voters’ roll would list reasons for being excused the levy (such as student, unemployed, no income) and a simple tick would indicate that the applicant wished to be excused.

It could be further stated that this was an honesty clause and there would be no monitoring of the claim. After all, being a liar, a cheat or a freeloader are not disqualifications for having a vote.

The fact that all MPs would know that they were paid by a local authority to represent their constituents would create a seismic shift of power from Westminster, since their ultimate loyalty would be to their paymasters.

Hours of speculation can be given to the consequences, short term and long term, in Whitehall, town hall and Westminster.

I do not see negatives as I would welcome the dismantling of the present party machines and the possibilities for a more democratic power structure.

I Norval

Ryehill Grove