Passport fears

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There are lots of claims and counter-claims surrounding the referendum, including promises from Alex Salmond that are unlikely to be acceptable to the UK government.

Among these is the statement that Scotland will allow joint UK citizenship – but has anyone consulted the Westminster parliament for its take on this issue?

I was a British citizen living in the UK when Kenya became an independent country. It was only some years later, when I went to renew my passport, that I discovered that I had lost my UK citizenship (on account of my birth in Kenya) and become a Kenyan without being informed. It then took three years of negotiation to regain my British citizenship. The SNP says it will allow joint nationality, but to my knowledge the UK government has remained silent on this point. I have been a home-owner working and resident in Scotland for nearly 40 years and hope that history will not repeat itself, as I value my UK passport.

As someone who travels frequently, I am aware of the desirability of having the support of the UK Diplomatic Service and the security that this large and experienced service brings when things go wrong; something that could not be matched by an independent Scotland.

Dr Roger Leakey


East Lothian