Passing test of time

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Dr STEPHEN Moreton reverses common sense (Letters, 15 June). Monotheistic faiths are practised by the majority of the human population.

There are 2.3 billion Christians, 1.8 billion Muslims and 
13.4 million Jews in the world today. There is a significant difference between irrational fear of homosexuality (homophobia) and rational moral objection to homosexuality. Prejudice means an unfavourable opinion without knowledge.

Judaism, Christianity and Islam have large bodies of thoroughly thought-out principles on all moral matters. In longevity, scale and articulation, the monotheistic faiths cannot be written off so easily. I do not accuse Dr Moreton of faithphobia or prejudice, but his views represent a small minority of the proportion of the collective wisdom of the human community and they have not yet stood the test of time.

Rev Dr Robert Anderson

Blackburn & Seafield Church