Parking mayhem

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As A number of correspondents have commented on the approaching local council elections in these pages, I thought it only right to flag up a local injustice. In South Morningside, we have recently been threatened with a local restricted parking zone, despite having defeated a similar scheme barely four years ago.

After a consultation period, those in favour of the scheme on the western side of Comiston Road numbered a majestic five. Those against numbered 318. Those in favour were enough for a bridge party plus one serving drinks. Nonetheless, the city council decided that it had enough support in three streets to impose its “solution” to a problem none of those of us who live here have noticed, of commuter parking.

Thus, the restricted parking will soon be imposed in those streets and, like a corset, squeezing fat elsewhere, other streets in the area will now receive extra cars, which will then justify the imposition of the scheme there. However, the May elections may give those elected to run the council pause for thought when South Morningside electors pronounce judgment on those who have ignored them thus far.

Andrew HN Gray

Craiglea Drive