Park ownership

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The announcement at the weekend by Fiona Logan, chief executive of the Loch Lomond and Trossachs National Park, that she favours further privatisation of a so-called national park, which is already largely owned by private interests, extends the boundary of an existing oxymoron beyond the border of farce.

Anyone familiar with the tenure, function and management of real, true national parks in North America, Fennoscandia and continental Europe – or, indeed, just about any country furth of the UK – will be reduced to straw-chewing incredulity at the nature of the statement.

Such a dreadful possibility presents a challenge to those of the chattering classes, who frequently commit their support for the neo-tribalist kibbutzism community buy-outs but yet 
remain silent on the national community owning its own 
national parks (as they do in all of the favoured Fennoscandian analogue countries).

The challenge extends of course to a Labour Party that came with the concept of non-nationally owned national parks in the first place, but far more acutely, that challenge falls on the SNP to explain why a Scottish Government run by a party that claims to be the national party of Scotland cannot, or indeed, will not, see the incongruity of the Scottish nation state not owning Scottish national parks.

Ron Greer

Blair Atholl