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Far from banning wild camping, the Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park Authority should facilitate it. By wild camping, I mean overnighting in the countryside, out of sight of habitation, arriving late and leaving early, with no trace of one’s passing. That’s good for mind, body and soul.

True wild campers – whether in a £50,000 Autotrail motor caravan (on which £10,000 VAT will have been paid) or in a £1,000 British-made lightweight Terra Nova tent – object as much to the T-in-the-Park lager louts, as do the locals affected by their obnoxious behaviour. Police should deal with the troublemakers through on-the-spot fines rather than introducing even more by-laws. Eventually, the whole of Scotland would be affected by them.

It would help, too, if a system of litter disposal were re-introduced. Replacing bins with notices instructing one to take one’s litter home contributes to the problem because people just don’t want to carry rubbish around.

The essential point is that the park authorities should help the public access the countryside, not hinder it.


Oxton, Lauder