Overblown crisis

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AS EXPECTED, the renewables industry is running scared after David Cameron pledged to end wind turbine subsidies.

Scottish Renewables and Renewables UK were quick to condemn and now Andy Drane joins them (“Ill-wind blowing for green industry”, Friends of the Scotsman, 8 June)

He says the new Hinkley Point nuclear station will require more subsidies than onshore wind but does not admit nuclear electricity is reliable, unlike wind. He then says that “in the light of our international commitments” we must use non-carbon energy sources.

Mr Drane must know only Scotland and the UK have legally binding emission targets.

He then brings in the implied threat “of averting a potential energy crisis”. Mr Drane, it is the rush to get wind turbine subsidies that have put us in peril.

Clark Cross

Springfield Road

Linlithgow, West Lothian