Out of touch

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Lord Steel’s preposterous contribution to the independence debate (your report, 1 November) confirms my view that most Westminster politicians are completely out of touch with the people of Scotland.

The Liberal Democrat peer proposes that members of the upper house of the Westminster parliament should have the power to scrutinise legislation passed by the Scottish Parliament.

None of the said lords or senators would be directly elected by the people of Scotland but would be selected by politicians. Political patronage is no substitute for genuine democracy.

As a signatory to the Claim of Right, Lord Steel should recognise that the Scottish Parliament was founded on the principle of the sovereignty of the people. Giving such powers of scrutiny to a chamber of the Westminster parliament would be taking power away from the people of Scotland and diminishing the devolution which already exists.

If that is Lord Steel’s alternative to independence, then it is yet another reason for voting Yes.

Dennis Canavan


Bannockburn, Stirlingshire