Oust the bankers

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While I didn’t agree with her points about Scottish independence, Joyce McMillan wrote a really excellent article (Perspective, 21 November).

It would be naive for anyone to think that the so-called intelligentsia who run the banking world are jumping about to improve the appalling service our banks give in handling our money (as it is our money).

The point continually made about not wanting to lose them to other countries is so wrong it is unbelievable.

There is no risk to them, and they are still getting ridiculously high salaries and bonuses, and incurring enormous fines which have to be paid from out of our money (whether that is admitted or not).

Not only should they be flung out of their jobs (and the UK?), but they should be prosecuted for serious dereliction of duty.

Joyce’s point about those at the bottom of the heap being prosecuted and imprisoned for, by comparison, utterly trivial and tiny offences, makes a complete mockery of not only the judicial system but also the bank monitoring bodies.

Is it really that they are all in bed together?

If so the spineless Tory government must also be in the same bed.

John Maclean


East Lothian