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Andrew Widdowson clearly did not have the Fringe Programme or the more detailed Assembly, Gilded Balloon and Pleasance programme to hand when he penned his letter (27 July) about wheelchair access.

I checked the Fringe programme. Out of the 379 venues, 111 show they have wheelchair access. On every double page, 11 categories of facilities are itemised, eg LA, or Level Access. Any sensible person would not be waiting for a reviewer to add WA (wheelchair access) sign to their review, but would consult their programme.

Most of the venues listed are not places of normal entertainment. That so many are brought into use for a short period and are prepared by various promoters and groups to put on thousands of shows is, in my mind, nothing short of a miracle. If the usual occupants or owners do not provide wheelchair access, it is pretty unfair to expect the Fringe organisers to do so – although many do.

From theatregoers’ point of view, there is no “problem with the Fringe”. Let’s all get out there and support it . There are shows and venues aplenty to suit everyone.

Lilian Flett

Cortleferry Terrace

Dalkeith, Midlothian