One-way traffic

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WITH regards to your article on rerouting traffic and the introduction of a one-way system in Edinburgh’s city centre, I noted that despite “fierce opposition from businesses and residents” and their being “sceptical about the benefits”, it looks as if the proposed traffic routing will go ahead.

This is only on a 12-month trial, but residents are well aware that 12 months after commencement of the trial the proposed routing will go ahead, whatever the opinions of the citizens of Edinburgh.

Years ago, in fact centuries ago, when democracy as we understand it did not exist, Edinburgh’s citizens would riot en mass if the Town Council took decisions to which the citizens objected. This often resulted in the council members having to run for their lives to the Tollbooth, where they would barricade themselves in and were only allowed to emerge when they had changed their minds. I cannot help but think that the citizens of yesteryear had a more effective form of democracy than we do today; one that ensured their wishes could not be so easily be ignored.

John B Gorrie

Craigmount Gardens