On wrong track

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There is no doubting the popularity of steam train journeys throughout the world, and the new ScotRail franchisee does bring fresh ideas (your report, 11 October).

With Scotland’s scenery, both Lowland and Highlands, Scotland would benefit from these excursion trains, but they must not impede on the existing passenger network.

Talk of cancelling or even reducing existing frequencies, such as on the Border Railway, is totally unacceptable.

Maybe the construction of a turnaround facility beyond Tweedbank would resolve this issue. The contractors are still on site, so additional work need not be a problem.

Because of the failure to reinstate double track or convert existing single track to double track, availability is now at a premium across Scotland, The Highland main line, together with the Inverness/Elgin/Aberdeen link, are prime examples. Even lines north from Inverness now operate to near capacity.

Maybe the financial support given to the Edinburgh trams or the new Forth road bridge would have been better used improving Scotland’s railway network


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