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LAST Friday around midnight, I spent a cold, damp half-hour waiting on the Western Approach Road in Edinburgh for a night bus after an evening out.

When it arrived, I was charged £3.50 for the comparatively short run home to Corstorphine. It struck me that instead of having foolishly got involved in the tram line, city leaders might have been wiser investing a fraction of those huge sums on subsidising the bus service, and providing more buses between the hours of midnight and 3am, especially at weekends.

If people felt they could access an affordable and frequent bus home late at night, they might feel inclined to spend more time and money enjoying themselves in the bars and restaurants of the city centre. That would be good for business.

Edinburgh wants to be seen as a vibrant, modern Euro-city, hence the tram fiasco. How does that equate with standing in the rain at midnight, waiting to be ripped off? And, by the way, I won’t be using the trams, since they don’t go to Corstorphine.

John McIntosh

St John’s Road