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Katherine Perlo (Letters, 6 September) cannot understand why most older people are voting No. Could it be that they have not been taken in by the uncosted promises of the SNP?

I am so old now that the result of the referendum won’t affect me much one way or the other. What concerns me is what will happen to future generations when the oil runs out, when we discover that the main parties are not bluffing about the pound, when we don’t get automatically into the EU and Nato, when the taxes and the mortgages go up, when we lose all the rUK defence contracts because we will be a foreign power, and when major companies decide to move south, creating massive unemployment.

The SNP are deceiving people about the NHS. I don’t approve of most of what the Coalition has done but it has actually increased spending on the NHS, and that has automatically increased the money available to Scotland.

Alex Salmond and Co won’t be around when it all unravels. But our children will be, and so will their children for generations to come. It’s not like an election where you can vote a party out next time. If Scotland votes for independence, there is no going back. It is for ever.

Henry L Philip

Grange Loan