Oil pipe dreams

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James Duncan (Letters, 22 October) doesn’t seem to recognise that taking the “right action” depends on whether it can be achieved.

He points out that the Norwegian government has a “65 per cent stake in Statoil”.

Does Mr Duncan seriously envisage a Scottish Government buying 65 per cent of all companies in the North Sea?

Unless of course he is saying major oil corporations would be partly nationalised but without compensation.

Politically this isn’t feasible, as sovereign states like the US, China, South Korea and Iran are involved.

Seemingly Nicola Sturgeon is being set political and ethical goals she will have difficulty achieving. Why is there a proclivity to take Norway as some kind of “utopian” political/economic system?

Arguably there is a price to be paid, not just in high taxes but in a loss of personal freedoms.

Ellis Thorpe

Old Chapel Walk