Ocean larders

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I AM greatly disappointed in Orkney Islands Council’s stand over Marine Protected Areas

A great deal of work has gone into these proposals at the European level of government and at the Scottish level.

A lot of careful scientific work has gone on and a great deal of consultation.

We as a species have used the oceans as a toilet and as a larder. Since the Second World War we have dramatically depleted fish and shellfish stocks.

The idea of Marine Protected Areas is to provide a respite for the seas to regenerate; rare species and commercial species get a chance to grow and expand their numbers into non protected areas.

Many other peripheral maritime countries in Europe, recognising the problem of failing seas, have already set up these areas, and they are now paying off. Just recently for example I saw one in operation off the Ligurian coast of Italy.

OIC’s response with respect to this matter is I think ignorant and parochial.

Alastair Macleod

King St

Kirkwall, Orkney