Numbers game

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Our First Minister-in-waiting Nicola Sturgeon is outraged at the possibility of Scotland leaving the European Union.

A recent poll of polls by Professor John Curtice of Strathclyde University suggests that 43 per cent of Scots want to leave the European Union but, interestingly, the poll figure is only 1.7 per cent less than the number of Scots who voted for independence.

So on one hand, we have Ms Sturgeon asserting that 44.7 per cent of the electorate voting to leave the UK is enough for her to assert that Scotland will definitely withdraw from the United Kingdom “well” within her lifetime.

On the other hand, a poll suggesting 43 per cent of Scots wanting to leave the European Union justifies her describing it as “democratically indefensible”.

I am perplexed that 1.7 per cent can make such a colossal difference in Ms Sturgeon’s opinion.

On Scotland leaving the European Union, Ms Sturgeon says: “The impact of an exit on jobs and on the economy would be disastrous.”

These are familiar words. If I hear any more negative dialogue, I may feel the urge to write to Ms Sturgeon and tell her I think she is scaremongering, creating fear and capitulating to the bullying of Brussels.

Or should I give her the benefit of the doubt and acknowledge that she may have genuine concerns? I personally want Scotland to stay part of the EU. But I am angered at her sheer hypocrisy.

Robert McGregor

Kingsburn Drive