Nuisance calls

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Like many, we have been plagued for some time by pre-recorded nuisance phone calls, however I thought there might be light at the end of the tunnel with regards to the one about “boiler replacement… all homes must be done by 2016”. The cheerful female asked us to “press 2 for more information, or press 9 to be removed from our database”.

I duly pressed 9 – as, I suspect, did most people who received this call.

But it doesn’t actually work. Day after day we received the SAME recorded call. We pressed 9, but back she came.

Now there has been a change. She still suggests we “press 2 for more information” but then, after a pause, chirps “press 2 NOW!” The database removal option has gone from the menu.

I can only assume that the vast majority of numbers dialled took the time to press 9 for removal and the company at the back of this marketing ploy quickly realised they had next to no takers. So that option has now gone.

Whoever gains power after 7 May, can you please tighten the regulations on nuisance calls?

I let the majority go to the answer phone, but they are still a pest. I cannot imagine how awful they must be for elderly people who live alone and who make an attempt to answer every time they get a call.

A Duthie