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Alexander McKay, while expressing his astonishment that anyone can criticise the BBC (Letters, 31 July), refers to “wild assertions”. He then makes a few of his own.

After referring to me as a “Nationalist” (anyone who accepts the concept of a nation state, whether Scottish or British, is presumably as much of a “Nationalist” as I am), he implies that I am a “letter writer or apparatchik of the SNP”.

In fact, I have no affiliation to any political party.

One might also be forgiven for thinking that, in the letters to which Mr McKay is responding, Andrew Parrott and I had suggested that the BBC should broadcast nothing but the undiluted proclamations of Alex Salmond. Perish the thought.

What was actually suggested was that the BBC’s referendum coverage should be completely fair and balanced, and that external scrutiny would help to ensure that is the case.

Does Mr McKay object to that? If so, why?

C Hegarty

Glenorchy Road

North Berwick