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Although I disagree with the political outlook of Jim Sillars, I have always had respect for his honesty and integrity. Not any more. His ludicrous threat (your report September 13) that there would be a “day of reckoning” for major Scottish employers is akin to the gutter tactics of the internet troll. But, unsurprisingly, Alex Salmond withholds any condemnation.

He himself, meantime, continues to peddle the “Team Scotland” propaganda. In an interview on Friday, he claimed he would “take Scotland to victory”. This is a disgraceful assertion. Victory over whom? How dare he suggest the No campaign is some kind of enemy of Scotland. A No vote is a vote not against but for Scotland – a better Scotland within the UK. Supporters of Better Together are every bit as Scottish and patriotic as Yes supporters. If Scotland became independent would we be any more Scottish? Or any less if it stays within the UK? Jim Murphy puts it very well: the Saltire is our banner – do not let it be our blindfold.

A number of voters are being swept along by a deviously whipped up wave of false optimism. Those of us who are old enough may be reminded of the days before the World Cup in 1978 – and we know the outcome then! I am confident voters will take a step back over the next few days, recoil from the ugly tactics of the playground, see through the jingoistic nonsense and say No.


Braid Hills Avenue


Your cartoon of Jim Sillars (13 September) represents him scaring off bankers in a “day of reckoning”. Iceland has jailed bankers; we have bailed them out. The Union hasn’t exactly regulated businesses, banks or the press. Sillars speaks sensibly for those Scots who are sick of being subordinate to the “spiv now, pay later” brigade who truly hold us to ransom.


High Street

Dunbar, East Lothian