Nosy government

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The SNP government has failed to convince me why Visit Scotland or Scottish Canals might wish to access the NHS database to verify my existence.

However, that does not worry me too much.

The fact that government IT systems and databases often appear to be insecure with data ending up lost (Police Scotland take note) or powers are misused as witnessed when local authorities in the UK used anti-terrorist powers to spy on people’s rubbish bins does give cause to concern.

There is no doubt that the SNP government is trying to gain as much data on us as it can and it must never be allowed to permit others to access the NHS database and thus put at risk, however unlikely as they claim, the privacy of our medical records.

Every parent in Scotland should be especially concerned as I have no doubt that amongst the authorised users of the ID card by stealth will be the “named government spy on families” ie the state-appointed guardian.

Once these people get hold of medical records the scope for totalitarian interference in family life will be huge.

Parents be warned: seek medical help for smoking, alcohol or drugs and your relationship with your children may be threatened. Every parent and NHS professional in Scotland must stand up to stop our records being accessed by all and sundry.

The SNP claims the measures are to help locate missing children or to collect tax. We have national insurance numbers etc, why does it need access to the medical database?

(Dr) Roger I 

Turretbank Place


Why would Quality Meat Scotland want access to my personal details (Chris Marshall, Inside Justice, 4 March)? Is it planning an aggressive marketing campaign targeting vegetarians?

Angela Innes

Dundas Street