No vote will be a positive choice for Scotland

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ANDREW Wilson’s rant 
(Insight, 13 October) is a blatant attempt to repeat the same ploy as Alex Salmond’s request for a debate with 
David Cameron. In an effort to present the referendum as an encounter between Scotland and Tory England he falsely equates the No camp with the Tory party. A No vote is not a vote for the Tory party.

Mr Wilson implies that it is the Tory party who tell (the separatists) “they can’t stay 
in Europe, or Nato, or anywhere (sic!)” or can’t “use the currency we already share”.

High-ranking dignitaries of the EU and Nato as well as independent experts are telling the SNP they will have to renegotiate entry to these 
bodies. The question is: on what terms?

Will we have Nato and the Trident and the EU with the Schengen Agreement and the euro? George Osborne, yes a Tory, stated that keeping 
the pound may be workable but only with strict external controls on Scottish finances. Ed Balls – not a Tory – has stated the same case.

These are facts from the real world that Mr Wilson seems to be a stranger to.

I am astounded that the word “scaremongering” – the usual SNP response to these concerns – does not appear in his article. Instead he just dismisses them as “laughable”. Anything but. These issues are of huge concern to voters and they deserve to be told the truth in advance, eg if re-entry to the EU should require 
acceptance of the euro, what is the SNP’s position? I won’t hold my breath waiting for an answer. Maybe they could take legal advice!

The other half of Mr Wilson’s article concentrates on issues related to defence. Laughable.

The Yes campaign has 
simply failed to respond or to convince on any of the key 
issues. Their fallback position now is to attempt to present the No campaign as negative. Only in linguistic terms is No 
a negative. A No vote in the referendum is a positive vote. A No vote is a vote for Scotland and not against it.

Colin Hamilton, Edinburgh