No vote against our politicians

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YOUR poll (15 September) makes considerable effort to find some weakness in the apparently unassailable No vote. However, what no poll has as yet specifically identified is the grey vote which, if conversations with contemporaries are anything to go by, is currently slipping away from Yes like snow off the proverbial dyke.

To the friends I have discussed and debated with over recent months there is a feeling that the political class is not what it was, and the preservation of position and next month’s pay cheque is the overall guiding political principle of most MPs and MSPs. This has led to the suffocating sameness we see, for example, in the Scottish Parliament over issues such as same-sex marriage.

The only effective defence the new political class has of these particular proposals seems to be an intellectually bereft hurling of the essentially meaningless boo word “homophobic” at critics of them. This leaves only one area to take revenge against the Scottish Government and its ill thought out policy to redefine marriage, and that is by voting No to its brave new Scotland.

Alan Clayton, Strachur, Argyll